You may have authentication in Jenkins server for example, user name and password based on login mechanism.

What happens if you lost your admin credentials?

or lets take a scenario (which I faced), I enabled git-hub based login mechanism and lost our control our Jenkins authentication. No one could not login with admin credentials in Jenkins UI (browser) since it was routing to git-hub url for login and which resulted in 404 page.

How did I resolve this issue?

Firstly, I tried deleting the plugin (github-login) used for enabling the login in jenkins, it didnt work out for me. Then…

SCSS is a powerful preprocessing tool for css, the style sheets would be carrying an extension of .scss, however you can still write simple css in it. We will walk through few features of SCSS which made me to change the way I write css.


Similar to javascript, we can create constant and assign it with value, this will allow us in reusability. We can have global and local variables.

// variable.scss
// global variables
$width-constant: 100px;
$font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;
$color-black: #00000;
.heading {
&--over-ride {
// local variable
$local_width: 100px;
width: $local_width;

This would be…

Amma.. I wanted to say something to you… while saying she is blooming, her voice is husky. “what happened saranya, c’mon say..” vanaja could not hold her self, obviously women cannot handle curiosity and definitely vanaja cannot when it comes to saranya, her one and only beloved daughter who got married few years before.

There is a silence between these two.. but they are talking through their eyes.. “Is it?” vanaja rushes to hug saranya and saranya nodding reveals that she is pregnant .. Both mother and daughter are overwhelmed but this time with happiness. Saranya and Krishna have been…

Feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness is the exact state of her. Yes, its called Excitement, She didn’t know that there was a word for it. Is it the first flight or first business trip or first travel? Her natural curiosity led her to ask more questions to herself. It is a business trip for a month, working on client’s premises typically makes it her first on-site. Most of the engineers in an Indian IT Company longs for an on-site. “You wanted this Aditi, don’t just freak out. You will make it!” the husky murmuring could add some confidence in…

It was a busy day, I was waiting for my mom to finish billing in super crowded jewelry store. I was wandering around the crowd, looking at bunch of kids sipping juice, a machine counting bills and the guy at the billing counter who is the only one who is wearing a safari suit in South India. Accidently, my eyes landed on this family, Newly married couple with their parents I guess, the girl has thali( yellow thread) wore by married women in India(although now these are replaced by gold chains) was dominating among all the well polished gold jewels…

Progressive Web Application

Recently our product went to live! We were happy and in mood of celebrating the success until we received the production issue of user’s complaining that they don’t see the latest version of the product. Initially we thought its some release / deployment issue later we discovered that it was the PWA (Progressive Web App) that caused the issue.

In this post, we are gonna talk about the approaches that were taken in order to DISABLE PWA, Yes you are reading it correct. Disable PWA feature.

To be honest, we weren’t aware that having PWA could caution serious issue if not handled properly or set of user who would not be interested in clearing browser cache. …

As I preparing my application for Vue JS 3 Migration, I decided to write all the existing components in typescript and class based. I figured out how can I convert them easily to class. Lets walk through each items in a component and how can they be easy rewritten.

For this, I am using Vue Class Component & vue-property-decorator and its easy to use.

Class Style Component

Below is simple syntax for class style vue component using`@ component` decorator.

As always, I have been in hurry to push my changes to branch and I forget to run lint checking, that I thought of giving a try to implement git hooks (pre-commit) so that it would do the job for me. Yeah!! Git hooks can come handy if you want to make sure your prerequisite checks are done such as lint, unit test or even commit message.

For this blog, lets take the most commonly used git hook — pre-commit and I am gonna run lint job before I commit my changes to branch. …

Are you someone who loves to make your favorite IDE colorful to make u feel fresh when coding, then I came up with few of my personal theme recommendation for visual studio code.

Dracula — Dark Theme

My very favorite theme of all is “Dracula — dark theme for visual studio code”. Its so colorful which makes it even more fun to code and it gives distinguish colors for functions, variables. This offers two theme color options Dracula and Dracula Soft.

If you are building up an application which would be used by multilingual customer then this blog post is something interesting for you…

I assume that you have created an vue.js application .. lets jump in to the plug-ins that are needed to support multi-lingual

For this blog, I am taking the default vue.js app and making it support multiple language.

Santhoshkumar Ravi

Front End Engineer | Netherlands. They say being human means having doubts yet still continuing on your path, so as I am.

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