It was a busy day, I was waiting for my mom to finish billing in super crowded jewelry store. I was wandering around the crowd, looking at bunch of kids sipping juice, a machine counting bills and the guy at the billing counter who is the only one who is wearing a safari suit in South India. Accidently, my eyes landed on this family, Newly married couple with their parents I guess, the girl has thali( yellow thread) wore by married women in India(although now these are replaced by gold chains) was dominating among all the well polished gold jewels. The fresh turmeric on her thali won my eyes though.

The smile the couples had made me to continue to stack them, sooner I could understand that its the girl’s family there with their son-in-law. They were trying all sorts of necklace. The girl was gorgeous, the po-t-tu (Vermillion) on her fore head, eyes of her reflected the joy, the blush, oh god. She tried on few jewels and she showed it to her husband, I think they were trying to have their initials conversation with eyes. The girl was looking at the mirror in front of her, showing it her mom, getting her suggestion. When the guy tried bracelet, I agreed to a point that guys misinterpret shy and blushing. It was a moment of joy I would say. Emotionally the family was floating.

Minutes passed, I was so lost in them, I forgot that I was waiting for my mom, the shop wasn’t anymore rush to me, All I was curious about was where is the…

Hey !! Shall we leave? My mom was done with the billing and she was .. are you okay? I pulled her to me, pointed my eyes towards the family, She said ‘I think they are newly married, I also noticed them. In fact, the whole shop is looking at them. C’mon lets go now’ . I was staggered, she paused for a second and looked at me and asked ‘Are you searching for..’, I turned towards her with surprise, how did she know.. Without my knowledge I was nodding my head ‘Yes’. She took a deep breath, before even she finishing it, I told her, “I found.. there…”

Oh my god, I was astonished..

A stripe shirt covering his 3/4 of the body, a gray parallel fit trousers, a black man pouch and a bata leather sandal. A typical 55–60 year old man. Despite being part of the family, standing ten feet away from them, letting them to live the moment, stalking his own happiness. One cannot say at first sight that he belongs to the family. His dressing was way different from what the family wore.

Despite being raised solely by mom, I couldn’t resist myself. I looked at my mom,

“A typical Indian Father” I whispered

Honestly, I could not take him out of my mind and I kept saying it to me

“Father are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes”

We were returning in two wheeler, the silence and the grip of my mom’s hold on my shoulder stayed till we reached home.

A Father is someone who sacrifices his needs over his family’s..

I am glad that I was raised by a strong person who took both the roles.