Amma.. I wanted to say something to you… while saying she is blooming, her voice is husky. “what happened saranya, c’mon say..” vanaja could not hold her self, obviously women cannot handle curiosity and definitely vanaja cannot when it comes to saranya, her one and only beloved daughter who got married few years before.

There is a silence between these two.. but they are talking through their eyes.. “Is it?” vanaja rushes to hug saranya and saranya nodding reveals that she is pregnant .. Both mother and daughter are overwhelmed but this time with happiness. Saranya and Krishna have been planning for baby for a while, the whole family have been longing. The happy days have come, Now everyone is super happy, filled with joy.

The journey of pregnancy is not so enjoyable.. the morning sickness, the heart burns, weight gain, back pain, food carving.. one cannot just imagine it. However, vanaja is making it so easy for saranya, the care and love she pouring on her daughter, is making the journey of pregnancy a pleasant one. One must be blessed to have such a lovely mother.

Days are passed like snap of a finger. Its the day, the entire family is nervous and they are trying to hide it from one another. Water is broken, srinivasan (saranya’s father) is rushing to take saranya to hospital. He is furious, as he is a man of perfection & impatience. Krishna driving to hospital, vanaja started praying to god. At this moment, its like a nuclear fission, entire family is repelling. The silence in labor room is making everyone panic.

Krishna does the honor of cutting the umbilical cord, takes the little angel on his hand for the first time. “Saanvi” yeah, that’s the name they have chosen if its a girl. The soft cheeks of saanvi are like petal of a flower. The cute little one.

No one in the family have seen tears in srinivasan’s eyes before, he holds vanaja’s hand so tight. Its the proud moment for srinivasan and vanaja, they have become grand parents. The room is filled with happiness, love and silence, among it the first sound of saanvi .. it is like sun rays passing through the trees with mist.

Time is in fast forward mode, with a blink of eye saanvi is taking her first step, her first word, her first sentence, and so on. she has been the center of attraction of the whole family, especially vanaja and srinivasan. In fact, they didn’t even realize that they are also getting older along with saanvi.

There comes a special occasion, its vanaja’s birthday, saranya baked a cake, the whole family gathers for the celebration. Among all, saanvi is the most excited one as the balloons, candles, cake makes her super happy assuming that its her birthday.

“Saanvi, its ammama’s birthday! Can you wish her please” saranya says,

“No, its baby cake” says saanvi.

Saanvi looks at vanaja and says “Ammama, uff candle.. uff canlde” pointing at the candles and insisting her to blow the candles off.

Everyone takes a look at each other with hesitation,

saanvi continue to say “Ammamma uff candle ammama”..

Vanaja goes uuff… but the candle remains on..

The warm hands of srinivasan holds vanaja over her shoulder and hugs her. On the other side of the screen, krishna hugs saranya… saanvi continues to say.. “ammamma..uff”.

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